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File Management System

RFID File Tracking Systems are designed to reduce employee time spent maintaining and managing hundreds or thousands of files within a workplace..

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RFID Based File Management System

How RFID System Works for File Tracking ?

  • Tagging: Tagging is the process of mapping of registered file with unique tagid, corresponding Location and its department.
  • Inventory: Handheld reader reads and save the record of all the files coming in its range. It gives the list of misplaced and missing files.
  • Check-In/Check-Out: Files can be check in and check out by self check in / checkout station.
  • Searching File: Any File can be search by handheld reader by putting its file number. As the file come in range of handheld reader it start beeping.
  • MIS Reporting: MIS Report can be generated from the web application anytime and anywhere in the scope of network.
  • Administrator Setting: Administrator setting can be applied on files such as File cannot check in.
  • Real Time Tracking: By this functionality file can tracked in real time by fixed readers installed at various places inside the campus.

  • Anti-Theft Gate: Anti-Theft gate will take care no file can be taken out without check-In otherwise it will start a Siren for theft alert.