RFID Inventory Management System

Warehouses and distribution centers have an amazing amount of inventory. The management of this inventory is paramount to business operation. RFID provides the power to scan this inventory in bulk instead of having to individually scan each item one by one. It also allows for collection of information throughout traditional warehouse and distribution operations.

Stock Analysis of RFID Inventory Management System
  • In traditional bar-code systems, the unique item positive identification is printed on an sticker and pasted on to the things.
  • To read these stickers operator require line of sight it means he should hold device in an exceedingly proper way. the info from the bar-code scanner is fed into the system which then processes the knowledge to record the locational information of the things.
  • In RFID based system, each item is fitted with a RFID tag. The RFID tag is essentially an electronic transmitter comprising of a micro-chip and an antenna and a little battery, everything fabricated on a skinny plastic sheet.
  • It is easily attached to a range of things directly.
Stock Analysis of RFID Inventory Management System

Working of RFID Inventory Management System
Working Of RFID based Inventory Management System
  • Raw Material Supply Chain: Each vendor has an electronic tag, with the tag (unique) settlement, transfer cargo, query and other applications.
  • Transportation : The transport of products in transit and vehicles affix electronic tags, RFID installation on variety of checkpoints on the transport lines receiving transfer device. Real-time tracking the status of products.
  • Inventory management in line with the electronic attach each package, the system automatically recognizes the required goods inventory area, the amount of stocks, the quantity and timing of storage and other information, plus the forklift inventory system to attain automation management
  • Retail using RFID systems within the checkout automatic scanning and billing, to exchange the manual collection. RFID access control systems can reducing the speed of theft
  • Service With the RFID tag records information about product purchase to assist consumers simplify formalities Returns.
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Add Product to Inventory Management System
  • Adding product is one of the primary functions to do where we will register whole information related to products like Product name, code, type, starting stock, price, discount, supplier name, Expiry date etc.
Adding Product information to RFID Inventory Management System

Billing Process of RFID Inventory Management System
Billing Process of RFID Inventory Management System
  • Generating bill is a final step to do, where we will do all calculations related to invoice where we will calculate discount on products, tax on product.

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