RFID Parking Management Systems

The main objective of this project is to design a car with RFID parking management system that enable parking of the cars without human intervention in the shopping malls and hospitals using RFID card.

RFID Parking Management System
  • The main objective of this RFID Parking Management System is to design a car parking management system that enable parking of the cars without human intervention in the shopping malls and hospitals using RFID card.
  • This RFID Parking Management System provides an ultimate solution of parking for drivers and private parking owners.
  • One of the challenging problems for many vehicle owners in big cities is where to park their vehicles.
  • RFID based Car Parking Management System uses a microcontroller along with sensing circuits monitoring entry and exit of cars.
  • The car owners are allowed an entry only when their RFID card is swiped, it means authorized persons are allowed to park and restrict the un-authorized persons.
  • The amount in the card automatically gets reduced with a display indication besides indicating the available number of parking.
RFID Based Parking management system

Overview of RFID Based Parking Management System
Overview of System
  • RFID systems play a key role in managing of tracking of signals within the car park the foremost important component of an RFID system is RFID tag.
  • The tag is placed inside the body of auto which sends information which are observed or read by the reader.
  • Based on the features tags are divided into two modes which are active & passive. Active tag has on board battery in order that they periodically transmit the ID signals to the RFID reader.
  • Whereas passive has no internal power source, they're just using energy from the RFID reader. The RFID tag is placed within the vehicle and therefore the RFID reader is placed within the parking system.
  • The sensor is employed to sense the activities of the parking system. An LCD is employed to display all the activities of the parking system. LED is employed to supply the sunshine as per the instructions.
  • DC motor is employed within the operations of boom barriers within the vehicle parking system. An Antenna is employed for receiving and transmitting the RF signals.

Working Principle
  • RFID based Parking management system works on the principle supported RFID concept. during this the RFID tags is employed to read the data of entry and exit of the vehicles.
  • When the vehicles come near the RFID reader which is installed almost gate, then reader will read whole information about vehicle and driver from the RFID tag and interpret that information and send to the database.
  • In database these information is stored and processed and Boom barriers are automatically triggered on verification at gates thus saving time and errors additionally as avoiding manual dependence.
Working Principle RFID Based Parking Management System

Features Of RFID Based Parking Management System
Features Of RFID Parking Management System.
  • Enhance security.
  • Convenient Parking Management.
  • Reduce booth workers workload.
  • Automatic identification.
  • Hassel free parking.
  • Time saving approach.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Entries & Exits System Back-up.
  • Security/Safety.
  • Services needed for parking operations.
  • IP Cameras, digital CCTV systems.
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition.
  • Facility-control systems.
  • Remote support.

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